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Artisan nøn-alcoholic drinks with Adriatic spirit
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Vera Spirits is the first non-alcoholic distillery making authentic Adriatic søber spirits, each with a different personality. We produce our drinks from scratch, using the most fragrant botanicals and softest water from the Alps.

We think peaceful living, siesta, and friends are what we all should aim for. So, welcome to Vera, your flavourful reminder of what’s essential.

Taste of Adriatic

The living here is calm and perfect. We are sharing it in a new fashion of artisan non-alcoholic drinks.

Made with love

We begin our process by carefully choosing plants based on quality and perfect timing. Then we distill them with care in custom-made stills.

Meet the Søber Spirits

Who is Vera?

Inspired by breakthroughs and stories from Vera’s lifelong travels, we have founded Vera spirits, a non-alcoholic distillery. We wish to continue her mission and explore flavors, ingredients, and distilling methods to create our unique blends.



Ginø Tonic⁠

Vera Ginø
An evergreen classic with a novel søber twist.⁠
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Vera Ginø
This one is a #tb to hot summer days, relaxing next to bea in the bay leaf garden.⁠
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Jingle Mingle

Vera Winter Spell 500ml
'Tis the season to jingle, there's always a chance to mingle, serve this one many times, not just a single. ⁠
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Spice Girl⁠

Vera Ginø
While beautiful, I think it tastes better without the bouquet.⁠
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