Vera's Personality Formula

"Originating from my family's tradition, I have developed a formula that translates a spirit's taste to personality traits and vice versa." - Vera

Taste method

Vera was a scholar and a diplomat’s wife. She has entered the world of refined tastes and aromas at an early age. Her father, a distillery owner, taught her that each flavor has five distinct components: core, fresh, heat, spice, and floral.

At some point, she realized it was very similar to how personality is structured. So she started exploring the connection between people’s characters and their taste, trying to find out if there was a perfect flavor for each type of person.

Personality formula

From the spirit-based method, Vera created her own method for better understanding of people’s personalities.

She translated the spirit properties into human qualities that could be used to describe a person much like you would describe a spirit. Each axis represents a human characteristic and is assigned three levels of intensity. Vera’s goal was to use her formula to better understand the people she met through her travels. Lucky for us, she kept a journal of each meeting.

With her personality formula fully tested through dozens of interviews, Vera found a new challenge: converting her personality formula maps back into their source—the spirit taste method.

Vera's Letter

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